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Comparison between "burner" and "burner"

Issuing time:2018-06-30 00:00

In today's thermal energy industry, many people are vague about the concept of the industry, such as burners and burners. There are many customers who don't know their differences. Let's answer this question.

The burner and combustor are mainly composed of air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system and electric control system. After the composition of the integrated machine, usually referred to as the mechanical and electrical integration of the combustion machine. It has a wide range of uses. It also serves as the main part of the burner. The mechatronic combustion machine is controlled by one machine, and the setting procedure is in the body, which cannot be changed.

The burner is not. First of all, in terms of structure, the concept has been distinguished from the combustion engine by the internal setting itself. Burners mostly refer to large mechanical equipment used in industry. Is a multi-component component. The control system is composed one by one. To put it bluntly, it's outside the combustion engine. Combustion engine, air supply system, ignition system, monitoring system, fuel system, electric control system and so on are orderly composed to form a large mechanical burner. Not only that, but also the control platform can be set according to the situation

One hundred burners must be controlled by one hundred computers and cannot be controlled uniformly. One hundred burners can be set up in a unified way and managed in an organic way. At present, there is no standard distinction between industry and civil use in the industry market of China. Therefore. At present, they have not formed an accurate definition and classification in the domestic thermal energy supply industry.

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