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Why are so many industries using burners?

Issuing time:2018-06-30 00:00

Burners are devices that make fuel and air eject and burn in a certain way. In our country, many industries will use the combustion machine. It is a kind of combustion equipment that can be used in all industries related to heat energy. It is a kind of machinery that can be used to generate power. There are many kinds of burners, but the price and performance of each burner are different. Now the state pays attention to environmental protection, so it's necessary to say that burner is a kind of thing. There are many advantages of burner. Let's briefly introduce the following

First, the burner is environmentally friendly and will not produce a lot of oil smoke to pollute the environment. It is also a kind of protection for the environment

II. Full combustion of burner, saving fuel

3. The burner saves manpower and saves a lot of unnecessary expenses. The work that used to require two people can be done with only one burner. The function of burners in reality is to send fuel and air into the furnace continuously, to reasonably organize the pulverized coal flow, and to make good mixing, rapid and stable ignition and combustion.

The application field of burners the application field of burners is very wide. The products are widely used in boilers, asphalt mixing plants, oil fields, incinerators, hot blast furnaces, casting machinery, industrial kilns and other thermal machinery supporting equipment. As long as the place where the fire is used, the burners can be used, as long as the fuel can be burned, the burners can also be used. The burners can reduce the waste discharge, Reduce environmental pollution.

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