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Analysis of the domestic market of burners

Issuing time:2018-06-30 00:00

In the current domestic burner industry, the annual sales of burners and burners are not completely independent. People in the industry often say, "as much as the boiler is sold, our burners will be sold." Therefore, it can be realized that the industry is restricted by the boiler industry, which has become a major feature of the current domestic burner industry.

As for the sales volume, there is a comparison among professionals. Sell a large combustion equipment, the price is millions of low, tens of millions of high. Selling a little integrated burner costs a thousand yuan, but it costs only a hundred thousand li. Some domestic burner enterprises have annual sales of about 10 million yuan. But it's just a whole number. After all, the current domestic burner business sales products are almost not one-way sales. To be clear, it is the burner burner burner accessories burner accessories are placed in front of the enterprise's sales rack, at the same time, many enterprises not only sell their own products, accessories. It also acts as an agent for the products of international famous brands, so as to cooperate with the sales of its own products in this way, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of enterprise profitability.

Why can't we sell our own products independently? Foreign burners, especially those made in Europe and America, have a long history, great reputation and strong trust. Take apart the old boilers of many enterprises, and see the brand mark of most burners and electromechanical integrated burners. It can be seen from this phenomenon that the early domestic market has been covered by foreign products.

Therefore, the establishment of domestic brands is very important for the domestic burner market. We can't be led by other countries. Although we have taken many detours in the development of burner industry, the future is still considerable. Our own products still have a market in the industry. Not all, but it will take time to prove. I believe that with the development of time, Chinese products have become the mainstream of the industry market after all

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