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It is important to choose the right burner accessories

Issuing time:2018-06-30 00:00

In order to prolong the service life of the burner, it is necessary to select the right burner accessories. Only by selecting the appropriate accessories, the burner will have a greater breakthrough. At the same time, ensure that the accessories can pass the inspection safely before maintenance. Regular inspection of the combustor and parts can ensure that the combustor can be used for a longer time. Now let's talk about the types of combustion engine parts. What are the judgment problems that should be insisted on in case of failure?

Firstly, the filter shall be cleaned regularly to keep the fuel reaching the oil pump smoothly, which can reduce the possibility of component failure. It is also necessary to check whether the filter of the combustion engine accessories is seriously worn and damaged. Then, the fuel pressure regulator shall be used to determine the lock nut on the adjustable bolt. If the surface is clean, it can be removed. If the surface of the nut and screw is rusty, it shall be replaced in time Oh, oh. The inspection of the oil pump of the fuel combustion engine accessories shall be carried out to check whether the sealing device of the oil pump is in good condition, and the internal pressure is stable, whether there are damaged or leaking sealing elements. If the hot oil is used, it is necessary to determine whether all the oil pipes are properly insulated. If the long oil pipes are found, it is necessary to insist on the proper installation. If any problem is found, the oil pipes shall be replaced in time to ensure the normal use of the oil pump. 。 It is also important to clean the filter of the accessories of the combustion engine, which is the key to prevent the choke and valve from blocking. Check the pressure of the fuel combustion engine. When the oil pressure is normal, it can ensure that the pressure of the fuel can be accurately read out after adjusting the combustion engine, adjust the atomization length on the choke, and adjust the detection pressure to check the heating condition when the heavy oil is used in the house. Reasonable replacement of combustion engine parts can effectively reduce the loss, so selecting combustion engine parts can avoid frequent replacement of parts during regular inspection

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