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What's the reason for the abnormal color of exhaust smoke when the fuel combustion engine is on fire

Issuing time:2018-06-30 00:00

Many users have reported a problem. When using the fuel burning machine, the ignition flame can burn normally. After about half a minute, a large number of black smoke suddenly comes out, and then deflagration, strong smoke even lifts the chimney. Next, Guangrui biotechnology will introduce the causes and solutions of this problem

The fire is normal, but the exhaust smoke color is abnormal

The diesel injected into the burner is mixed and burned at the same time. When the air supply is appropriate, the atomized CO2 and water vapor exhaust are colorless. When the air supply is insufficient, it will cause the incomplete combustion of diesel oil to generate CO and carbon particles, which will lead to black smoke However, if the intake air volume is too large and strong, the oil mist that is too late to burn may be blown away, forming a white smoke discharge The common reason for black smoke is that the opening of combustion air inlet valve is too small, and the common reason for white smoke is that the opening of air inlet valve is too large. In both cases, the air inlet valve should be readjusted When adjusting, you can observe the exhaust smoke color and adjust the opening of the damper until the exhaust smoke color is close to colorless Another reason for the black smoke is that the diesel fuel atomization is poor, and the oil mist contains large droplets, which can not be fully mixed with the air and generate black smoke due to incomplete local combustion. In order to avoid more serious accidents, the power supply should be shut down immediately after this situation occurs. At this time, although the combustion engine has stopped working, we should pay attention to the observation

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